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Proposal Forms

Some of these forms are PDFs and you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view these files. If you do not have Acrobat Reader please click here to download the software that you will need. If you are on-campus and logged into your computer you can also go to S:\Freedist\Acrobat Reader to get this software. Please review the course approval process before submitting a form.

New Course Proposal Form (for non-FYI courses):

Recommendation to Add a Course

New Course Proposal Forms (for FYI courses):

FYI 102 Approval Form

FYI 103 Approval Form 

Learning Community Proposal Form:

LC Proposal Form

Learning Community Guidelines

Service Learning LC Guidelines
Important: Instructors proposing a Service Learning Community need to attend to both the general LC guidelines (e.g., by addressing which common components their courses will feature) and the Service Learning guidelines linked above.

Learning Perspectives Approval Forms:

Perspectives on the Arts (PA)

Perspectives on Human Values & Existence (PH)

Perspectives on Individuals & Society (PS)

Perspectives of Literature & Texts (PL)

Perspectives on the Past (PP)

Perspectives on the Natural World (PN)

Suffix Approval

Global Requirement "G" Suffix

Diversity Requirement "D" Suffix

Quantitative Literacy Requirement "Q" Suffix