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Learning Perspectives Approval - Perspectives on the Natural World

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These courses consider how theories, mathematical systems, and natural laws, are inferred, tested, and applied to a range of phenomena, and how they are related to current technical and values-based issues. How does this course:

Please provide a short explanation of how this course:

  1. examines how natural laws are inferred, tested and applied to range of phenomena in the living and non-living world (exclusive of human behavior)?
  2. incorporates published research or other work by recognized scholars?
  3. incorporates first-hand experience, such as a field trip to a research lab, guest lectures from research scientists, investigative lab(s) etc.?
  4. prompts students to ask questions about the natural world and develop explanations/answers to these questions?
  5. provides data for students to analyze and critically evaluate?
  6. prompts students to draw general conclusions about a data set/experiment, i.e., relevancy of the data in the context of the big picture?
  7. prompts students to incorporate mathematics in describing the natural world?
  8. introduces significant issues related to science that connect to ethics, politics, religion, etc.?