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Learning Perspectives Approval - Perspectives on Individuals and Society

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These courses develop an understanding of human behavior as well as the values and social structures humans generate and how each affects the other.

Please provide a short explanation of how this course:

  1. introduces the critical, qualitative or quantitative methods used to examine human behavior and social structures?
  2. evaluates (or prompts students to evaluate) primary materials from recognized scholars in the field?
  3. prompts or helps students to identify appropriate problems or issues and frame relevant research questions about human behavior and social structures?
  4. encourages students to critically evaluate alternative explanations (e.g., theories) and research methods used to study human behavior and social structures?
  5. provides evidence/data for students to analyze using relevant methodology/framework?
  6. prompts students  to consider how human behavior expresses differences such as class, ethnicity, gender, etc?