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Learning Perspectives Approval - Perspectives on Human values and Existence

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These courses consider those broad questions of human existence that have been given religious, philosophical, or literary expression of enduring importance, but inevitably take on different meanings for individuals whose values and cultural traditions differ.

Please provide a short explanation of how this course:

  1. incorporates significant, alternative perspectives on normative issues?
  2. addresses challenges raised by cultural, philosophical, or religious pluralisms?
  3. prompts students to demonstrate an understanding of both the historical underpinnings (traditions) and current expressions of value and obligation?
  4. prompts students to write a position paper or create a formal presentation on a substantive issue pertaining to the human condition such as: Are humans free? What is a just society? What are the obligations of a conscientious world citizen? Does God exist? Does life have a purpose? Do good and evil exist?