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Learning Perspectives Approval - Perspectives of the Past

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These courses develop an understanding of ideas, institutions, achievements, and events of the past, both in relation to one another and in relation to the present. They may include historiographical studies as well as the focused study of the history of art, literature, philosophy, politics, science, and religion.

Please provide a short explanation of how this course:

  1. provides content (text and/or artifacts) that demonstrates development and change across time?
  2. focuses on primary sources whether these are written texts and/or artistic works and/or artifacts from eyewitnesses to the past?
  3. includes secondary sources whether these are written texts and/or artistic works and/or artifacts that demonstrate the contested nature of interpretations of the past by those who have only indirectly experienced it?
  4. provides opportunities for recursive and/or cumulative written work or formal presentations that affords students the chance to develop and improve a disciplined perspective on the past?