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FYI 103 Approval Form

All steps must be completed before the General Education Committee can discuss your proposal.

  1. Consult with the FYI term coordinator during development of your course and writing of your proposal.
  2. Fill out this form and submit electronically. It will be sent to the General Education Chair.
  3. Be sure to upload your syllabus at the bottom of this form.

Deadline: Monday, Week 1 of Winter Term (or Monday, Week 5 of Winter Term, if you are a new faculty member at Augustana.

FYI 103 Common Elements Checklist

(See FYI Skills Matrix for more information).  The following common elements are to be included in all FYI 103 syllabi.  Before you submit your FYI 103 proposal, please make sure you can answer "yes" to each of the following: 

My class explores "our diverse and changing world."
My students will write a 7-10 page multi-source case-making paper.
My class provides opportunities for exploratory writing and revision (aka process writing). 
I have assigned my students to watch the FYI 103 common video about writing researched papers.  
I have assigned my students to read They Say/I Say chapters 3, 9 and 10.  
I have incorporated the BEAM handout (about synthesizing sources). 
I have a plan for how to use Hacker's A Writer's Reference and the FYI Seven Deadly Sins in my class.  
My students will give one persuasive presentation.
My class brings students to the library two times.  
My class makes meaningful use of Symposium Day.

Proposal Questions:

  1. Submitted by
  2. Short Title (for transcript; 24 character limit including spaces, e.g. From ___ to ___):
  3. Long Title (for advertising class to students):
  4. Briefly describe your course (app. 100-200 words). (Your description will be distributed to first-year students prior to registration, so you’ll want to write it with your 18-year-old audience in mind.)
  5. Why do you think this subject is a good fit for our first-year students?
  6. How will your course address the overarching question of spring term? "How do we embrace the challenges of our diverse and changing world? "
  7. How will you coach students through the process of writing a multi-source case-making paper?
  8. How will you develop students’ reading skills?
  9. How will you develop students’ oral communication skills?
  10. How will you develop students’ information literacy skills?
  11. How will you incorporate Symposium Day?

Upload Your Syllabus