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Recommendation to Add a Course

Steps to Add a Course

  1. Seek and get departmental, library, ITS, and then divisional approval BEFORE using this form. Typically, submission of a complete syllabus alone is sufficient for departmental and divisional discussion.
  2. If the course is for foreign study, a statement/recommendation from the Foreign Study Committee must be included (add it to the syllabus before submission). Other off-campus programs should include a statement/recommendation from the appropriate committee.
  3. It is the responsibility of the course instructor to submit this form electronically AFTER divisional approval. The GenEd and/or EPC chairs may confirm the status of library, ITS and divisional approvals.
  4. Fill out this electronic form (cut & paste appropriate paragraphs from a Word document), upload a copy of your course syllabus at the end of this form, and submit. If seeking a Learning Perspective or Suffix designation, you must complete and submit an additional web-based form (see the AGES web page).

Your syllabus must be sufficiently detailed to allow EPC to understand the topics to be covered, their likely order and weighting, and the likely teaching methods and materials. It should include an outline of the schedule of subject matter, readings, activities and assignments. The syllabus should contain a clearly stated course purpose, a description of learning outcomes, and the means of assessing whether those outcomes have been met. Learning goals for the course should be contextualized in relation to the broader college curriculum. For example, explicit mention could be made of the college Student Learning Outcomes, Idea Form learning objectives, or learning perspectives and suffixes attached to the course. In preparing the syllabus, give attention to the appropriateness of the course expectations in relation to the level of the course. Please make the job of GenEd and EPC members easier; the more information you give us, the more likely your submission will be successful. A terse and incomplete syllabus is the most common reason for a delay in obtaining EPC approval. Note: Additional items are typically found on syllabi that are not directly required for curricular decisions, including attendance and grading policies, credit hour policy, and a description of the honor code. 


Submit AGES courses (via webpage) by noon on Monday of the first week and non-AGES courses by noon on Friday of the first week of the term preceding the term the course will be offered.

Date Submitted:

Submitted By:


Course Number:

Course Name:

Master Schedule & Transcript Title (limited to 21 characters including spaces):

Number of Credits:

Learning Perspectives:

Perspectives on the Arts (PA)
Perspectives on the Past (PP)
Perspectives on Individuals and Society (PS)
Perspectives on the Natural World (PN)
Perspectives on Literature and Texts (PL)
Perspectives on Human Values and Existence (PH)

Quantitative Reasoning (Q)
Cultural Diversity (D)
Global Diversity (G)

NOTE: If you are seeking a Learning Perspective and/or Suffix, you must complete additional forms for each designation (follow the guidelines on the AGES web page). Your submissions will first be reviewed by the General Education Committee prior to EPC review.

Is this course:
Required for Majors
Required for Minors
Elective for Majors

Description of course for catalog copy (indicate if class will be taught only in foreign study or summer school):

Would any course be dropped if this course were added? Yes No

If yes, what course:

If no, why not?

Are there prerequisites for this course? Yes No

If yes, what are the prerequisite course codes/numbers?

Have both the Library and ITS directors vetted this proposal? Yes No

Would the Library or ITS need to make significant additions to support this course? Yes No

If yes, what is the nature and size of the anticipated expense?

Has your Department or Program approved this proposal? Yes No

Has your Division approved this proposal? Yes No

If you answered NO to either of the preceding questions, then STOP; obtain approvals before submitting this form or your submission will be delayed.

Explain ways the proposed course contributes to the department, program, or foreign term curriculum (i.e., what is the rationale for adding this course).

EPC may need to see how the changes you propose will affect existing course offerings, so unless you are proposing simple one-for-one course substitution(s), please append an appropriate two- or three-year rotation which gives your best estimate of department or program offerings with these changes given the current staffing level.

What staffing implications does the addition of this course carry?

If the course has significance beyond its potential contribution to departments or special programs, please explain.

State the ways the existing department, program, or foreign study assessment plan takes measure of the learning you expect with the new course. If necessary, state the changes to be made in the plan to take measure of the learning outcomes of the course.

Provide your rationale for the course level (100 – 400) you propose to assign to the course. Course Numbering System:

100- level: Introductory courses open to first-year students

200- level: Sophomore-level courses, some of which are open to first-year students

300- and 400- level: Advanced courses intended primarily for juniors and seniors

Please upload your proposed syllabus

REMEMBER: If you are seeking a Learning Perspective and/or Suffix, you must complete and submit additional forms for each designation (follow the guidelines on the AGES web page).