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Augustana General Education Studies (AGES)

The Augustana General Education Studies program (AGES) is at the core of an Augustana liberal arts education. AGES helps students to develop skills that they will need to become empowered global citizens and lifelong learners: the abilities to read and comprehend difficult material, write and speak effectively, identify and evaluate sources, and think critically and creatively.

This page provides students and faculty with the updated information about AGES course offerings and requirements. For information about proposing a course for the AGES program, see Deadlines for Course Approval and Proposal Forms.

Available courses:

For approved LP and Suffix Courses, please see Arches.

2012-2013 Learning Communities (PDF)

Open AGES courses for spring 2011/12

AGES audit worksheets:

First-Year Students Entering Fall 2008 and Beyond

Transfer Students entering 2010-11 & 2011-12

New Transfer Student Information Letter

New Commuter Student Letter

Degree audit:

Degree Audit Evaluation Guide (PDF)

LSFY information:

FYI Skills Matrix (PDF)

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