Monday, August 22

First Day of Classes!

Tuesday, August 23

10:30-11:30 AM - Faculty Meeting
Olin Auditorium

10:30-11:30 AM - Tuesday Reflection - Charlie Bentley, '17, SGA President
Olin Auditorium

12:00 Noon - Deadline to complete online benefit enrollment

Wednesday, August 24

8:00-9:00 PM - Comedy Club: K-Von
The Gerber Center, Brew by the Slough

Thursday, August 25

10:30-12:00 - Faculty Council Meeting
Denkmann 301

11:30 AM - FYI Office Hours with Rob Elfline
Brew by the Slough, The Gerber Center, 4th floor

3:30-4:30 PM  - Retirement Gathering for Jane Tiedge
Seminary Hall (Admissions/Financial Aid)

Friday, August 26

4:00 PM - Friday Conversation: Tour of The Kim and Donna Brunner Theatre Center, presented by Jeff Coussens
3:00 PM - Refreshments
Brunner Theatre Center main lobby

Saturday, August 27

8:00-9:30 PM - Second City, Chicago's legendary sketch comedy troupe
Centennial Hall

8:30 PM - Story Slam: "Beginnings"
For those who appreciate hearing & telling great stories
The Gerber Center, Brew by the Slough

Sunday, August 28

No events scheduled

Volume 17, Issue 1 - August 22, 2016




Once per term, Augustana devotes a full day to an alternative approach for learning and opens its doors to the entire community. We believe this multidisciplinary approach to discuss a "theme" truly exemplifies the rich value of liberal learning. Symposium Days include invited speakers, alumni, advising sessions and opportunities to practice theliberal arts and be involved with our community. Fall Symposium has a rotating theme connected to Augie Reads; Winter Symposium's theme is Privilege; Spring Symposium is Celebration of Laerning featuring original research and scholarship by Augustana's students and faculty.

2016-17 Symposium Day Dates and Themes

Fall Crossroads Tuesday, September 20, 2016 Week 5
Winter    Privilege Wednesday, January 18, 2017     Week 7
Spring Celebration of Learning    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 Week 9

Use this Google Form to submit a proposal for a concurrent session for Fall Symposium Day that fits with the theme, "Crossroads."  Any questions about Symposium Day or if you want to bounce around ideas for a session, contact Associate Dean, Jeff Ratliff-Crain at 794-7331 or

CROSSROADS: An intersection or a point where one needs to make a difficult decision. Imbued with symbolism, a crossroads illustrates uncertainty and inevitability of change. In the Augie Reads book, "The Fire Next Time,"James Baldwin presents a number of these intersections along society's path. What are the choice-points in 2016 that will affect our students' lives? How do we, in academia and within our disciplines, decide when to change course and when to persevere-- and at what risk? When have we (as individuals or as society) experienced a "crossroads" moment and what has happened since?

Our fall Symposium Day is an opportunity to exhibit our faculty, staff, and students' impressive diversity of creative expertise to model and explore the diversity and expression of what crossroads might mean. We invite you as individual scholars and members of the Augustana community to contribute a concurrent session for the Fall Symposium Day. It could be as simple as a lively panel discussion, perhaps a moderated debate, an interactive dialogue around an important question, a performance, or a documentary film to show--Be creative!

For those new to Symposium Day, take a look at last fall's program:

We will again have four Featured Speakers along with other invited guests. Featured Speakers for Fall, 2016, include:


Each and every employee of Augustana College is given on hour of time to volunteer at Longfellow Elementary School in Rock Island weekly. Please arrange an appropriate time with your supervisor. Ways to help? Read and listen to children read, tutor math, help with PE, help in the office or library, eat lunch with a student, do some art, make some friends, and listen to students. To get involved, please email Keri Bass (Community Service Coordinator, CORE). She will work with you and the teacher to find a time that fits in your schedule.


In an effort to build a stronger, more inclusive campus community, Augustana is continuing its participation in the Sustained Dialogue program. The core of the program is small group discussions between various groups (students, staff, faculty, and administrators) to build relationships and understanding of personal differences and bring positive change to our campus. We encourage you to join a group and participate in these dialogues as we work together to build a stronger Augustana community that embraces the diversity of ideas, perspectives and backgrounds, and proactively addresses issues of social injustice and inequity. 

Sustained Dialogue groups will meet weekly during fall term and you are encouraged to sign up! There are multiple time slots available.

The goal of the Sustained Dialogue program is to be changed through engagement with new experiences, ideas and people.

Learn more about the global Sustained Dialogue efforts.

Together, groups will look for a shared understanding, in order to listen without judgment and positively impact campus culture.

The weekly commitment is estimated at 75 minutes for participants. We strongly encourage you to sign up and help us become an even better Augustana. Please click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Please view any of these testimonials from the participants from this Spring's Sustained Dialogue group at Augustana. Please encourage your students to participate as you sign up yourself!