Monday, October 29

No events scheduled

Tuesday, October 30

2:00 PM - 15th annual fall Frieze Lecture Series on the theme "What the Dickens?"
David Ellis will speak on the world Dickens inhabited, considering the key themes and issues in British, European and global history at the time Dickens was active. 
Rock Island Public Library, 401 19th Street, Rock Island, IL 

3:00 - 5:20 PM - Political Science Dept. Senior Inquiry Presentations
Olin 307 

Wednesday, October 31

5:00 - 6:00 PM - After Hours Poetry and Prose
Sorensen Hall break room/lounge 

Thursday, November 1

11:00 AM - Employee Service Awards
Olin Auditorium 

Friday, November 2

No events scheduled

Saturday, November 3

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Sunday, November 4

2:00 PM - Quad City Symphony Orchestra Concert
Call Symphony office for ticket prices
Centennial Hall 

7:00 PM - Quad City Youth Symphony Orchestra Concert
Call Symphony office for ticket prices
Centennial Hall 

Volume 10, Issue 11 - October 29, 2012


Augustana's Grants Website



Presidential Research Fellowship

Eligibility: All tenure-track and tenured faculty
Deadline: December 14
Notification: January 15; funding disbursed end of May

Presidential Research Fellowships are intended to support faculty research, scholarship and artistic work at Augustana. The fellowships will pay up to $4,000 for a faculty research project to be undertaken in the summer. Up to $750 is available for travel and expenses. The proposal should constitute a new area of research, a new area of an existing research agenda, or support for substantial, ongoing work. Proposals are invited in any of the four areas of scholarship: discovery, teaching, integration and application (outlined by Ernest Boyer in Scholarship Reconsidered) as well as in artistic work. Proposals are competitive and will be reviewed and ranked by an off-campus evaluator. Priority will be given to faculty who were not awarded a Presidential Research Fellowships in the previous year. Faculty members who have summer research funding as part of their contracts in a given year are not eligible for Presidential Research Fellowships in that year. PRF funds are available only to tenured and tenure-track faculty.

Submission to a peer-reviewed journal-or the equivalent for an artistic project-is normally expected within a year (by July the following year); in disciplines where such a deadline is inappropriate, please include a date for submission in the proposal. A report on the research, a copy of the letter of submission, and a copy of the paper will be due at the same time. Publication or acceptance by the following year will result in an additional $1,000 stipend.


Proposals should address the specific nature and scope of the research, as well as its likely audience. Proposals should be no more than five pages, including a detailed budget for any expenses and a description of the proposed venue for publication or performance. External readers will evaluate proposals and make a recommendation.

Submit proposals to Mary Koski in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Responsibilities of the Grantee



The Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce two new grant opportunities for faculty course development:

Below grants proposals are due to the Office of Academic Affairs by November 12, 2012. Decisions will be announced by December 14, 2012. The proposed courses are expected to run during the 2013-14 or 2014-15 academic years.


Blended Learning Technology Grants at Augustana  will support the creation or redesign of an individual course or a sequence of courses that will be delivered primarily during the 2013-14 or 2014-15 academic years.  These grants are an extension of an earlier blended learning grants program funded through Academic Affairs and managed by the Augustana Center for Teaching and Learning. All full-time and adjunct faculty are eligible to apply for funding. For purposes of this request for proposals, blended learning is defined as a curricular design that integrates online educational mechanisms with face-to-face activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner. 

This grant will provide awarded applicants:

Applicants can apply for one of three grant awards: 

Total number of grants funded:  10-15

Please refer to a detailed Blended Learning Technology Grants Request for Proposals and Proposal Guidelines HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ 

Connection Grants at Augustana supports the creation or redesign of an individual course or a sequence of courses that will be delivered primarily during the 2013-14 or 2014-15 academic years. New or redesigned courses will feature curricular designs that do one of two things:

  1. For the humanities and social sciences: The course will more intentionally connect traditional study in the humanities/social sciences and study in our pre-professional programs. "Humanities and social sciences" here reflects traditional definitions, not our divisional structures, so the arts and economics are also included. Examples of already existing courses that accomplish this include the Religion department's courses in Medical Ethics and Business Ethics, and the Spanish department's creation of the new major Spanish for Professional Use. Collaborative grants may be proposed with faculty in pre-professional programs.
  2. For all disciplines: The course will more intentionally connect the college and the local Quad Cities community by making some aspect of our location central to the course's content and learning objectives. An example of an already existing course that accomplishes this is the Environmental Literature and Landscape Learning Community.

Applicants can apply for either (or both) of the two grants listed below. Awards can be paid as stipends and/or can be used for professional development activities related to the grant.

Total number of grants funded:  10-15

Please refer to a detailed Connection Grants Request for Proposals and Proposal Guidelines HERE.