Monday, January 10

4:00 PM - Sabbatical Report Presentation: Kristy Nabhan-Warren "De Colores: American Catholic and Protestant Cursillos and the "Fourth-Day" Christian Movement"
Wilson Center

Tuesday, January 11

11:30 - 11:50 AM - Tuesday Reflection - David Morton '11
Ascension Chapel, Founders Hall, 2nd floor

8:00 PM - Faculty Recital - Soprano Sangeetha Rayapati and Samantha Keehn, trombone, will give a recital of works by female composers
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

Wednesday, January 12

9:30 - 10:30 AM - Coffee and Conversation
Community Engagement Center, Sorensen Hall, 1st floor

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Bible Study Group
led by Pastor Priggie
Bring your lunch, if you wish, and a Bible
Chicago Room, College Center

Thursday, January 13

10:30 - 11:30 AM - Convocation: Dr. Peter Ochs "Reading Scripture Together with Jews, Muslims, and Christians"
Centennial Hall

7:00 PM - French Film Festival:  "Avenue Montaigne"
shown with English subtitles. Admission is free
Hanson Hall of Science Room 304

Friday, January 14

4:00 PM - Friday Conversations: Darrin Good "Service Learning Workshop: You Have an Idea? Let's Make It Happen!"
3:30 PM - Refreshments
Wilson Center

5:30 PM - January 16, 2:00 PM - Heartways Retreat
RSVP tby contacting Connie Huntley
St. Mary Monastery, Rock Island, IL

Saturday, January 15

All Day - Snowbirds Fundraiser
Snowbirds is a softball tournament in the snow to benefit Habitat for Humanity. Contact for more information. $30 per team.
Ericson Field/Stadium

6:00 PM - Community Celebration and Musical Tribute Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Featuring performances by Imani! Dance Studio, the Augustana Gospel Choir, The Community Gospel Chorus, and the Westbrook Singers
Centennial Hall

Sunday, January 16

No events scheduled

Volume 8, Issue 17 - January 10, 2011

Faculty News

Adam Kaul contributed a chapter to an edited volume called Ownership and Appropriation that is being published this month by Berg. The book is the result of the 2008 conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists, which was on the same theme. The back cover blurb describes the book this way: "Ownership and Appropriation significantly extends anthropology's long-term concern with property by focusing on everyday notions and acts of owning and appropriating. The chapters document the relationship between ownership, subjectivities and personhood; they demonstrate the critical consequences of materiality and immateriality on what is owned; and they examine the social relations of property. By approaching ownership as social communication and negotiation, the text points to a more dynamic and processual understanding of property, ownership and appropriation." 

Peter Kivisto, along with Thomas Faist and Margit Fauser, both from Bielefeld University, completed work on their edited book, Disentangling Migration and Development: A Transnational Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan). It will appear in print in March, 2011. He wrote the concluding chapter in the collection, "Modernization, Development, and Migration in a Skeptical Age."

In addition, he and Giuseppe Sciortino (University of Trento) signed a contract with Oxford University Press to edit a book titled Solidarity, Justice, and Incorporation: Thinking through the Civil Sphere. Among the eight prominent contributors to this collection of original essays are sociologist of religion Robert Bellah and philosopher Charles Taylor.

New editions of two of his books have recently appeared, both published by Pine Forge/Sage: Illuminating Social Life, 5th edition and Key Ideas in Sociology, 3rd edition.

He presented two papers at the International Sociological Association meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden this past July: "To Be an Immigrant: Alienation, Organization, and Ambivalence Revisited" and "Immigrants, Citizenship, and Democracy."

In October, during his sabbatical leave in Finland, he was a keynote speaker at ETMU Days, the annual conference of the Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration, held at the University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland. His address was titled "Rethinking Multicultural Civil Society."

Finally, in December he participated as an invited commentator in a European Science Foundation sponsored agenda-setting meeting on "Environmental Change and Migration," held in Bad Salzuflen, Germany.