Monday, April 19

4:00 PM - Faculty Research Award Presentation:  Randall Hall - "Report from the World Saxophone Congress XV, Bangkok, Thailand"
120 Evald Hall

7:00 PM - Geifman Lecture:  Robert Behr, Survivor of the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

Tuesday, April, 20

10:45 AM - Voice Seminar
Bergendoff Hall

11:30 - 12:30 - Faculty Forum
Olin Auditorium

11:30 -11:50 AM - Tuesday Reflections - Dana Swanson, '10
Ascension Chapel, Founders Hall, 2nd Floor

5:30 PM - Augustana & Whitey's Ice Cream Launch
Ericson Field Statium

Wednesday, April 21

9:30 - 10:30 AM - Coffee and Conversation
Evald Hall

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Bible Study:  The Path of Descent
Chicago Room, College Center
Bring your lunch if you wish. Bring your Bible, or there are extras to use.

7:00 PM - Augustana Historical Society Annual Spring Meeting
Wilson Center

9:30 PM - Evening Prayer & Holy Communion
Ascension Chapel, Founders Hall, 2nd floor

Thursday, April 22

10:30 - 11:20 AM - Convocation:  Peter Feaver - "How is President Obama's Grand Strategy Faring?"
Centennial Hall

Friday, April 23

1:00 PM - Student Recital - Max Mauer, Senior Inquiry Composition
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

4:00 PM - Week Seven Seminar: Coming of Age: A History of Augustana College, 1935-1975
by Tom Tredway
PM - Refreshments

Tredway Library

4:00 PM - Pre-tenure Paid Leave Report Presentation:  Mike Zemek - "Cooperating Teacher Preparation"
Dahl Room, College Center

5:30 PM - Twilight Tuberculosis Run
Paul V. Olsen Track, located northwest of 38th Street & 7th Avenue, Rock Island
7:15 PM - Free Concert & Reception
Athletic Stadium (where the race begins)

8:00 PM - Augustana Dance Company Spring Show
Centennial Hall

Saturday, April 24

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Center for the Study of Ethics Spring Symposium
Olin Auditorium

4:00 PM - Student Recital - Sarah Elger, flute, and Jessica Perkins, Clarinet
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

8:00 PM - Augustana Dance Company Spring Show
Centennial Hall

8:00 PM - Student Recital - Paige Anderson, trumpet
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

Sunday, April 25

All Day - Founders Day
In conjunction with Augustana Luthern Church and the Northern Illinois Synod's Jenny Lind Chapel Committee, the 2010 Founders Day Worship Service will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church in Andover, IL

10:30 AM - Sunday Morning Worship
Ascension Chapel, Founders Hall, 2nd floor

2:00 PM - Student Recital - Kristin Schweppe & Nick Kalina, voice
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building 

5:00 PM - Sunday Catholic Mass
Ascension Chapel, Founders Hall, 2nd floor

7:30 PM - Augustana Percussion Ensemble Concert
Bergendoff Hall


Volume 8, Issue 26 - April 19, 2010

This Week's Message

Greetings all,

The end of the 2009-2010 academic year is near, and I would like to give you an update on the activities of the General Education Committee this year. In addition to our work in the course approval process, we spent most of the fall term discussing potential learning community (LC) models. We used faculty response to our presentations at the Fall Faculty Retreat to craft the Evergreen II proposal describing LC models that was approved by Faculty Senate in November.

On behalf of the General Education Committee, I would like to thank you for your response to the call for learning communities (LCs). Many faculty members are taking advantage of the newly approved models for LCs (a list of LCs for 2010-2011 can be found here, and approved models of LCs can be found here), and we are excited to see such a diverse offering of courses for students. We are hopeful that with more LC seats, students will be able to register for their LC earlier in their college career, AND take an LC that is of interest to them. Thank you for making this possible. If you have questions about LCs or how to develop an idea, please contact me or Margaret Farrar.   

The LSFY sequence and the size of the AGES program have been topics of Committee discussion since last spring. Implementation of AGES, beginning in 2004, has been a significant curricular change. Futhermore, during the implementation process, we added another twist to the curriculum in the form of Senior Inquiry. With the addition of Senior Inquiry came more demands on faculty time in departments and a changing landscape for students as we try to prepare them for Senior Inquiry. We are not in the same place that we were in 2004, and the Committee looks to you for direction of where we should be headed in years to come. As you might imagine, this is a complex story, especially in the context of possible course reductions for students and faculty in the future.

The General Education Committee is currently gathering data and preparing background material to deliver a "State of the AGES Program" type presentation to you during the fall faculty retreat. Our aim is to provide you with information such that we can all be informed during future conversations regarding AGES next year. The AGES program does not belong to the General Education Committee.  We seek to be good stewards of the program, but your input and participation in the program is vital to its success.   

It has been a pleasure leading the efforts of the group this year.


Kristin Douglas
Chair, General Education Committee