Monday, October 5

4:00 - 5:30 PM - LSFY 101 Meeting
Olin 201

Tuesday, October 6

10:45 AM - Voice Seminar
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

11:00 AM - Farmer's Market
College Center Lobby

11:30 - 11:50 AM - Reflections - Mark Anderson, Multicultural Services
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Wednesday, October 7

9:30 AM - Coffee and Conversation
Carlsson Evald Great Hall

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Bible Study: Listening to New Voices About Faith
Chicago Room, College Center
Bring your lunch if you wish. Bring your Bible, or there are extras to use.

9:30 PM - Evening Prayer & Holy Communion
Ascension Chapel, 2nd floor, Founders Hall

Thursday, October 8

10:30 - 11:30 AM - Convocation:  Josh Swiller
Centennial Hall

11:30 AM - "Advancing Augustana" - a conversation led by President Bahls
Evald Great Hall

3:30 - 4:30 PM - 2009 Kemper Reflective Leader Intern Presentations
Evald Hall Rooms 313-314
4:45 - 6:00 PM - Reception and Poster Session of Reflective Leader Interns
Evald Great Hall 

Friday, October 9

2:30 - 3:30 PM - Walk-in Hour with Jeff
116 Founders Hall

4:00 - 5:00 PM - Week Seven Seminar
3:30 PM - refreshments
See Announcements for more information
Tredway Library, 2nd Floor, South End

7:00 PM - Fritiof Ander Lecture in Immigration History by Anne-Charlotte Harvey
Room 102, Science Building

Saturday, October 10

9:00 AM - Augustana Visit Day
Carver Physical Education Center

8:00 PM - Augustana Symphony Orchestra Concert
Centennial Hall

Sunday, October 11 

10:30 AM - Sunday Morning Worship
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

2:00 PM - Faculty Recital-Janet Stodd, flute & piccolo
Wallenberg Hall, Denkmann Building

5:00 PM - Sunday Catholic Mass
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Volume 7, Issue 7 - October 5, 2009


Greetings from the Center for Teaching & Learning.

This past week was a busy and productive one for ACTL. I want to thank Brian Katz and Beth Whitty for their help with Grade books in moodle and Lendol Calder, Mike Egan and Steve Hager for sharing their Evidence of Professional Growth: Course and Career Portfolios. For those who were unable to attend the former but are interested, please let me (or Brian, Beth or Shawn Beattie) know; handouts and web resources are available.

For those interested in but unable to attend the latter, I hope to revisit this topic in the future. Many interesting points were raised in the discussions and in the feedback provided. In addition to the obvious questions ("How do you get started on a portfolio?" "What's the best medium to use?" "What should go into a course/career portfolio?"), some other provocative questions raised include

If you're interested, Dan Bernstein addresses some of these issues in his book Making Teaching and Learning Visible (available in the teaching collection in the Tredway Library). It is an excellent resource if you are interested in using a course portfolio to document the intellectual work and student learning that are taking place in your classroom. Other resources that are (or will soon be) available in the teaching collection are

The Academic Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Documenting Teaching Research and Service by Peter Seldin and J. Elizabeth Miller

Exploring Signature Pedagogies: Approaches to Teaching Disciplinary Habits of Mind by Regan Gurung, Nancy L. Chick and Aeron Haynie (Eds.)

All three of these have examples from a wide variety of disciplines. Of course, if you're interested, you should also take a look at

Lendol Calder's Uncoverage Page -

Steve Hager's Biology Page -  

We also hope to follow up with resources and a training session addressing those "obvious" questions mentioned above. Stay tuned.

In the meantime have an enjoyable week 7!

Jon Clauss
Augustana Center for Teaching & Learning

P. S. Books for the reading group have been ordered. If you signed up, watch for "a (math) geek bearing gifts!"