This Week

Monday, December 8

4:00 PM - LS 102 Meeting
Founders Basement Lounge

7:30 - 9:00 PM - Community Lecture "Diatribe, the Culture War, and Civil Discourse"
Science 102
Dr. Stephen Klien

Tuesday, December 9

10:30 - 11:30 AM - Walk-In Hour with Jeff
116 Founders Hall

11:30 - 11:50 AM - Reflections - Dr. Anette Ejsing, Religion Dept.
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Fl., Founders Hall

Wednesday, December 10

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Weekly Bible Study
Bias from the Bottom: An authentic way to read the Bible
Chicago Room, College Center
Led by Pastor Priggie, College Chaplain
Bring your lunch if you wish, and a Bible

3:45 - 5:00 PM - Teaching Circle
Wilson Center

9:30 PM - Evening Prayer & Holy Communion
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Fl., Founders Hall

Thursday, December 11

No Convocation This Week

10:30 AM - Teaching Circle

Old Main 128 

11:30 AM - Values of Augustana "Community, Conversation, and the Business of a College"
Don Erickson, English Department
Library, South End

5:00 PM - Deans' Meeting with Department and Program Chairs
Wilson Center

6:00 PM - Kwanzaa Dinner Celebration
College Center Loft
Everyone is invited.

Friday, December 12

4:00 PM - Friday Conversations - CIEE Faculty Development Seminar Report
Wilson Center
3:30 Refreshments
Vicki Sommer, S.A. Fenwick, Jason Koontz

Saturday, December 13

8:00 PM - A Celebration of Christmas
Centennial Hall
Michelle Arezaga, soprano
Stacy Eckert, mezzo soprano
Brad Diamond, tenor
Phil Kraus, baritone
Tickets available through the Augustana Ticket Office 309.794.7306
$16 and $13 tickets, discount for Christmas package

Sunday, December 14

10:30 AM - Sunday Morning Worship
Ascension Chapel, 2nd fl., Founders Hall

2:00 PM - A Celebration of Christmas
Centennial Hall
Michelle Arezaga, soprano
Stacy Eckert, mezzo soprano
Brad Diamond, tenor
Phil Kraus, baritone
Tickets available through the Augustana Ticket Office 309.794.7306

5:00 PM - Sunday Catholic Mass
Ascension Chapel, 2nd fl., Founders Hall

Volume 6, Issue 14 - December 8, 2008


Upcoming Grant Conference Call
National Science Foundation RUI (Research in Undergraduate Institutions)

The National Science Foundation RUI (Research in Undergraduate Institutions) grants provide funding for research that involves undergraduates in significant ways. If you want to learn more about this funding source, you can take part in a conference call with a RUI program officer on Monday, December 15th at 2 p.m.

According to the NSF site:

The Research in Undergraduate Institutions (RUI) activity supports research by faculty members of predominantly undergraduate institutions through the funding of (1) individual and collaborative research projects, (2) the purchase of shared-use research instrumentation, and (3) Research Opportunity Awards for work with NSF-supported investigators at other institutions.

More detail on the RUI program is available at

I need to RSVP by Tuesday, December 9th, so please write to Michael Nolan if you'd like to take part.

Help with shaping a better grant application

As part of its membership in the Independent Colleges Office, Augustana takes part in conference calls in which the administrators from the major federal agencies and foundations discuss opportunities for faculty. I've participated in several of them, and they often contain specific suggestions about how to shape a more competitive grant application. Augustana has access to transcripts and audio recordings of the following phone conferences:

Natural Sciences

NEH "Enduring Questions"
NEH Summer Stipends
Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence
Fulbright Foundation Conference Call

Please contact me if you would like copies of the transcripts and audio files.

Michael Nolan
Associate Dean of Grants and Assessment

Presidential Research Fellowship

December 15th is the deadline for the Presidential Research Fellowship.

NOTE: Faculty members who have been awarded a New Faculty Resarch Award cannot receive and use a Presidential Research Fellowship Award at the same time. You can apply for both, and if accepted for both, decide later which one to accept.

Eligibility: All tenure-track and tenured faculty
Deadline: December 15
Notification: January 15; funding dispersed July and August

Presidential Research Fellowships support faculty research, scholarship and artistic work at Augustana. The fellowships will pay $4,000 for a faculty research project to be undertaken in the summer. Up to $750 is available for travel and expenses. The proposal should constitute a new area of research, a new area of an existing research agenda, or support for substantial, ongoing work. Proposals are invited in any of the four areas of scholarship: discovery, teaching, integration and application (outlined by Ernest Boyer in Scholarship Reconsidered) as well as in artistic work.

Submission to a peer-reviewed journal-or the equivalent for an artistic project-is normally expected within a year. In disciplines where such a deadline is inappropriate, please include a date for submission in the proposal. A report on the research, a copy of the letter of submission, and a copy of the paper will be due on the same date. Publication or acceptance by the following year will result in an additional $1,000 stipend.


Proposals should address the specific nature and scope of the research, as well as its likely audience. Proposals should be no more than five pages, including a detailed budget for any expenses and a description of the proposed venue for publication or performance. In those years when applications exceed funding, we anticipate that external readers will evaluate proposals and make a recommendation.

Submit proposals to Mary Koski in Academic Affairs, Founders 116.

Responsibilities of the Grantee

Augustana's Grants Website: