Monday, March 16

5:30 - 7:00 PM - Interfaith Understanding Group
Founders Hall Basement Lounge
Supper is included
Pastor Priggie

Tuesday, March 17

8:00 - 9:00 AM - Walk-In Hour With Jeff
116 Founders Hall

11:30 - 11:50 AM - Reflections - Val Liveoak
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Fl., Founders Hall
Val Liveoak is a Peace Activist from Friends of Peace Teams

2:30 PM - Guest Artist-USAF Jazz Combo
Ensemble Room, Bergendoff Building of Fine Arts
This presentation is geared towards music as a profession, but all are welcome.

7:00 PM - "Mixed Drink Mixed Emotions" with Ross Szabo
Olin Auditorium

7:00 PM - PEACE of Pie Fest
Evald Great Hall

8:00 PM - St. Patrick's Day Concert
Heart Strings and Augustana Flute Choir
Wallenberg Hall - Denkmann Building

Wednesday, March 18

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Bible Study "Jesus and the
Kingdom of God"
Chicago Room, College Center
Led by Pastor Priggie, College Chaplain. Bring your lunch if you wish, and a Bible

12:00 PM - African Art Exhibit Tour
Centennial Hall
Tour led by Dr. Margaret Morse, includes an informal talk on African masks located in the museum.

8:00 PM - Faculty Recital
Randall Hall, saxophones
Wallenberg Hall - Denkmann Building
Works by Bach, Bonneau, Carlson, Desenclos, and Schumann

8:30 PM - Morikeba Kouyate Concert
Centennial Hall
Morikeba Kouyate will give a concert on the kora, a traditional African stringed instrument.
Free and open to the public.

9:30 PM - Evening Prayer & Holy Communion
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Fl., Founders Hall

Thursday, March 19

10:30 - 11:30 - Teaching Circle

Old Main 128

No Convocation This Week

12:00 PM - Deadline to Notify Jeff Abernathy
about attending MFS: Religion and Morality
(see announcements)

4:30 PM - African Poetry Reading
Wallenberg Hall - Denkmann Building
John Tawiah-Boateng will read select African poems.

5:00 PM - Deans' Meeting with Department Chairs
Wilson Center

7:00 PM - French Film Festival: Persopolis
Science Building Auditorium

7:00 PM - "All Consuming: Conversations on Oil and Water"
Olin Auditorium
Join this discussion on the issues of water use, oil and ethanol.

8:00 PM - African Movie Night - "The Wooden Camera"
Evald Hall
Introduction and discussion by Todd Cleveland

Friday, March 20

12:00 - 1:00 PM -  "The God of Animals" Book Discussion for River Readings
Katz-Harris Room, Tredway Library
Bring your lunch. Dessert is provided.

4:00 PM - Friday Conversations - Sabbatical Reports
Joanna Short "Altruism, Life Insurance, and the Bequest Strategies of Early Twentiety-Century Families" and
Lina Zhou "The Pricing of Scholarly Journals"
3:30 PM - Refreshments
Wilson Center

6:30 PM - Kathy Bulucos Collection Exhibit
Centenial Hall
African art exhibition of objects from the Kathy Bulucos Memorial Collection, refreshments provided.

7:15 PM - Adinkra Textile Printing
by Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, Professor of Art
Centennial Hall

7:45 PM - ARThentic: African Wearable Textiles
fashion show presented by Althea Saunders
Centennial Hall

Saturday, March 21

3:00 PM - Memorial Service for Dr. Richard Anderson
Ascension Chapel
Reception immediately following in Fryxell Geology Museum

8:00 PM - Wabash College's Wamidan World Music Performance Ensemble
Centennial Hall
Directed by professor James Makubuya, a Ugandan-born ethnomusicologist, instrumentalist, singer, dancer, and choreographer. The Augustana College Choir also will perform African choral selections.

Sunday, March 22

10:30 AM - Sunday Morning Worship
Ascension Chapel, 2nd fl., Founders Hall

4:00 PM - Faculty Recital-
Deborah Dakin, viola

Considering Shostakovich
Centennial Hall

5:00 PM - Sunday Catholic Mass
Ascension Chapel, 2nd fl., Founders Hall


Volume 6, Issue 22 - March 16, 2009

An Augustana Story



If you, your children or grandchildren know Gumby, then you're part of a unique Augustana story.

Gumby is that little green rubbery guy with the bump on his head.  Today, he's practically a cultural ikon, featured in a special display by the Smithsonian Institution on his fiftieth birthday, caricatured on Saturday Night Live!  In his filmed claymation adventures Gumby can expand, contract, roll into a ball or stretch into a sheet of tissue, when inclination or storyline demands.  He's a modern-day Proteus without the attitude.  Together with his faithful steed Pokey he moves through a world of astonishingly imaginative adventures, a sometimes-tough world he always leaves the better for his gentle innocence. 


Gumby and Pokey


Gumby and Pokey are in part children of Augustana:  they were created by Ruth Parkander Clokey, Augustana Class of 1944, and her husband Arthur Clokey.  While her husband directed the exacting, detailed work of stop-motion animation---in the early years, this was a laborious process that involved physically adjusting the pliable characters and then photographing each small movement separately---Ruth oversaw production, script editing, and business arrangements.  It was work she loved.  But even more significant to her, and more closely connected with Augustana, was the second series produced by the then-Clokey Studios:  Davey and Goliath.

It was a "first" in children's television programming, a show that took on questions of ethics from a religious perspective.  The animated figures Davey Hanson, supported by his big dog Goliath, and his family, dramatized the kinds of every-day moral dilemmas that confront children as they grow up into an increasingly complex world. "Davey and Goliath" encouraged humanity and faith, but without preaching.  Sponsored by the former United Lutheran Church in America (now part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, to which Augustana is related), the series of weekly fifteen-minute episodes aired on network television from 1967 to the mid-1970s. 

Davey and Goliath

And it was the creative genius of Ruth Parkander Clokey that drove the series.  She was "a woman ahead of her time," according to ELCA Communication Services director Kristi Bangert, a woman who "saw an opportunity for the church to move boldly into the world of public media and provide groundbreaking children's programming.  As a result, Davey and Goliath became the first, and to this day, only children's television series to be sponsored and championed by a denomination." 

©Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Davey and Goliath ® and Davey and Goliath
Characters are registered trademarks of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.

 Those who knew Ruth Parkander in her Augustana student days and after weren't surprised at this achievement.  A magna cum laude graduate in history, she was one of three students from her class elected to the prestigious Runic Honor Society, Augustana's precursor to Phi Beta Kappa.  (Betsey Brodahl, former Augustana Dean of Women, shared the honor that year.)  Ruth earned a master's degree in religious education from Hartford Seminary, created religious education programming for the Lutheran Church in New York City, and moved to California after her marriage.  Always she read, swiftly, omnivorously; always she thought and spoke incisively. 

In the last decade of her life (she died in December 2008), Ruth Clokey mused that of all she'd accomplished she was "most proud of Davey and Goliath.  We were really doing something to help the children of our country and of the world."  That assessment isn't any more surprising than her achievement.  It's part of her personal and communal heritage.  Her father, the Reverend Joseph Parkander, was a charismatic and joyful believer, as well as a liberal thinker who espoused feminist ideas before the term was current.  Her sister, Dr. Dorothy Parkander, Class of 1946, became one of Augustana's most distinguished and beloved professors. 

 Augustana's story is one that claims both intellect and faith.  In the fusion of these two Ruth Parkander Clokey found her vocation-and made a world of gentle friends.

Ann Boaden




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