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How to apply

Information, application deadline and an online application can be obtained here. Proposals for funding should be submitted to Academic Affairs and should include:

  • A cover sheet including:

    • Name of student and faculty member working on project

    • Date of submission

    • Title of project

    • Proposed dates of research (May 30-August 4 is the standard period)

  • A letter of application addressed to the Summer Inquiry Review Committee in which you reflect on the meaning/importance of the project to you
  • Abstract of 300 words outlining the proposed research project

  • Detailed description of the project of 3-5 pages, stating objectives for the project and explaining how the stated objectives might be accomplished and the rationale for the proposed research

  • Summary of how and when the project results will be reported, how this research may lead to future projects, etc.

  • Budget, using the format below, to include total compensation requested and any equipment costs (do not include faculty stipend)

  • A letter of support from the faculty member



Number of weeks x $280 per week. Please note that, during the summer, all student wages are subject to social security and Medicare withholding in addition to regular federal and state income tax withholding. Your stipends will reflect such withholding to arrive at your net pay.

Supplies and Travel

List any expendable equipment/supplies that will be used only for this project. Only include travel expenses essential to the proposed research project. Do not include expenses to present results at conferences. We expect the average supply/travel budget to be $250.


List permanent equipment items (i.e. new equipment required for the project that will be available for future use on campus).

Successful Research Applications

Example 1 (36kb pdf) | Example 2 (81kb pdf) | Example 3 (27 kb pdf)

Recent Research Projects