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Frequently asked questions

Who should write the application?
For student research, each individual student should write an application, and the faculty member should write a letter of support. The committee will presume that faculty members have provided guidance in the writing of the student's application.

Will a faculty member's work with more than one student be supported?
It will, so long as funding is available.

Are seniors who graduate in May 2005 eligible for summer research?
May graduates may apply, but continuing students will have priority.

When should I propose to undertake my research?
The standard ten week period will be May 30-August 4, but the schedules of both students and faculty may require variation. Clearly indicate the proposed dates of your research.

What rate of compensation should be included in the budget for students?
Compensation should be calculated at $280/week. Travel/supply costs will be budgeted separately. Please note that, during the summer, all student wages are subject to social security and Medicare withholding, in addition to regular federal and state income tax withholding. Your stipends will reflect such withholding to arrive at your net pay.

Do students need to factor housing into the compensation for summer research?
No. The committee will consider housing costs in its own calculations, but it will not be a specific cost to the student's budget.

May funds be used to pay the student for the student's time spent analyzing/collecting data and writing?
Yes: we expect actual research to be the primary use of the funds.

Should the budget address the faculty compensation?
No. Supervising faculty will receive a reimbursement account, but the committee will consider this question separately. The budget need include only the total request for student compensation and equipment or travel costs.

What will the housing arrangement include?
The cost of a shared room for the period of research will be included as part of the fellowship. Board costs will be the responsibility of the student.