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Professional Meeting Allowance, Supplemental Meeting Allowance, and Professional Development Funds

Professional Meeting Allowance (PMA)

The purpose of PMA funds is to encourage faculty participation in off-campus professional meetings on the regional and national levels.  All full-time faculty members are eligible for up to $1000 to assist with direct costs for attending off-campus professional meetings.  Funds may be used to defray costs for conference registration fees, travel (e.g. flight expenses, car rental, or mileage reimbursement), lodging, and meals.  PMA funds cannot be used for membership dues.   PMA funds should be applied to the fiscal year in which the travel happens regardless of when the expense is incurred (e.g. airfare charged in May 2017 for a conference happening in July 2017 should be charged to 2017-18 FY PMA funds).  Funds not expended by the end of the fiscal year (June 30th) will be automatically returned to the college.   Tenured faculty who elect not to participate in the post-tenure review process are ineligible for PMA funding.

There is also a small pool of money available for adjuncts' PMA.  Any adjunct faculty member presenting a paper/poster, serving as a panel chair or respondent, or holding a leadership position within the conference's sponsoring academic organization that requires them to attend can apply for up to $500 in PMA funds. Funds will be awarded on a "first come, first serve" basis, and only one award per faculty member will be granted. All applications for PMA should include a brief description of the conference, paper, and panel, a proposed budget, and a brief CV. The proposal should be submitted to Wendy Hilton-Morrow in the Academic Affairs Office.

Budget Guide for PMA

Supplemental PMA

Eligibility: All tenure-track and tenured faculty
Deadline for Applications: Ongoing
Notification of Awards: Ongoing

Those eligible for PMA may submit requests to the Dean's office for supplemental funds if a) all PMA and PDF funds have been used (or will be used), and b) there are further costs associated with attendance at a conference at which they are presenting a paper.  Like PMA funding, SPMA funds should be applied to the fiscal year in which the travel happens regardless of when the expense is incurred.  Supplemental PMA funding does not accumulate from year to year and must be spent by June 30th.  Supplemental PMA is normally limited to $1,000 per fiscal year for domestic conferences and $1,250 for international conferences. To request a faculty supplementary professional meeting allowance award, please complete the SPMA Request form. Address questions to Wendy Hilton-Morrow.

Professional Development Funds

Employees of the college may be granted Professional Development Funds.  The purpose of these funds is to provide funding for experiences, equipment, and materials that are important in the professional development of the person as an employee of the college.  PDFs are accrued for such service as First Year Advising and other service to the college.  PDFs may be used to reimburse costs associated with research interests (e.g. travel, equipment used in research, books, publication and indexing costs, etc.) or improvement of pedagogy (e.g. costs associated with conferences with the aim of improved/expanded methods of teaching, etc.). The purpose of specific funding (beyond PDF from advising) will be stated in the grant letter, but all PDF expenditures must be academic in nature (not furniture, for example).   PDFs do not expire: these funds carry over until you use them up. However, receipts must be submitted within the same fiscal year as when expenses were made.  Any equipment purchased with PDF funds is considered property of the college.

Budget Guide for PDF and Advising