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Guidelines for Grant Acquisition


Those seeking external funding should consult with Augustana's grants officers, who encourage, assist and support faculty, administration and staff as they seek internal and external funding sources that enhance the college's ability to achieve its mission, that strengthen academic and college departments, and that lead to greater professional development.

The grants officers can:

  • Help identify and publicize both internal and external funding sources
  • Help with the writing process; coordinating with those at Augustana who can help, as well as external aides
  • Assist with budget creation and setting up proper procedures with the Business Office
  • Coordinate internal reviews and approvals
  • Serve as a liason, as needed, with funding sources and grants officers
  • Help in administrative work after an award is made

Augustana's faculty grant officers are Bill Hammer (for the sciences) and Peter Kivisto. In the Development Office, Lori Roderick is the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations and Faculty Grants Coordinator. 

  • Faculty research and development funds can be utilized for any of the four areas of scholarship defined by Ernest Boyer in Scholarship Reconsidered unless otherwise specified.
  • Requests for support are to be spent concurrent with teaching, or while on leave if the grantee clearly intends to return to Augustana following the period of leave.
  • Academic coursework, dissertation research, or other research undertaken to meet requirements toward a degree will not be eligible for support from these funds.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, proposals should be submitted via email.
  • Faculty research funds are part of the regular, annual budget of the college, and expensive durable equipment purchased with these funds will normally be designated by the committee to be college property, at the disposal of the grantee for the duration of the work.

Additional Guidelines for New Faculty Research Awards

As you are aware, Augustana assists new tenure-track faculty members in setting up a research program.  New tenure-track faculty are invited to apply for up to $4,000 per year in each of your first three years. Some of you may have already been awarded funds from this program.  If you have already received funds for this year, you need not apply again.  If you have received funding during previous years, you may apply again.

Guidelines for the program are listed below.  If you have questions about the program or proposals, please contact with Wendy Hilton-Morrow.  Proposals are to be submitted to the Academic Affairs office by Nov. 15th.

  1. Awards are available annually to tenure-track faculty members in their first three years of service at Augustana. 
  2. A faculty member may hold more than one of these grants sequentially but each award will be considered on its own timeline. (see below #8)
  3. First-time proposals may be given funding priority.
  4. We encourage research activities that involve a student assistant and/or student researcher(s). 
  5. Money may be used for equipment, student compensation, supplies, and related travel expenses, but not for computers, computer upgrades, or faculty compensation. 
  6. Proposals should consist of a description of the project with expected outcomes and a proposed budget. The proposal should be written to be understood by a faculty member outside of the proposer's discipline. A title should be included. Please specify expectations for publication and review outcomes of any Augustana grant funding.
  7. We hope that these grants will be used to develop opportunities for external funding. Augustana awards may be used as matching funds for external grants. 
  8. Award money should be expended by the end of the second fiscal year (June 30th) following the awarding of the grant. (For example, money awarded in October 2014 should be expended by June 30, 2016). Receipts/invoices for award expenses must be submitted no later than two weeks after the end of the award period. Normally, funds will not be granted prior to the beginning of employment at the College. Written approval of the Dean of the College prior to the end of the fiscal year is necessary for any variations of these deadlines.
  9. All equipment purchases are the property of Augustana. Therefore, the general value of the equipment to the campus may be a consideration in funding a proposal.

Updated March 17, 2015