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Freistat Grant Opportunities

Freistat Grant Opportunities

Freistat in France
Friestat grants expand learning far beyond the borders of campus.

The Freistat Center is pleased to fund faculty research abroad in areas appropriate to the Freistat vision, such as research in peace studies or in any area of inquiry that promotes active conflict resolution. Such research may take a theoretical form, involving significant historical, social, economic or political inquiry; or it may take a more practical form, involving solutions to real-world problems, such as issues involving the health and welfare of a given people or issues pertaining to environmental integrity or sustainable forms of energy.

Faculty grants cover:
Research worldwide
Research in peace studies
Travel to present research at international conferences
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Student grants cover:
Expenses related to the Student-Faulty Fellows Program
Expenses related to the Language and Cultural Enhancement Program
Intensive language study abroad
Travel to present papers at undergraduate and professional conferences
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Our Student-Faculty Fellows Program enables a faculty member to help two students conduct undergraduate research abroad during the summer. Our in-country Language and Cultural Enhancement Program allows language students in their second year to experience life abroad with a faculty member in a country appropriate to their area of study. Finally, our longstanding, on-site Intensive Language Study Grans enable students to experience accelerated Language study.

The Freistat Center also aims to enhance international and peace studies programs on campus, and will consider specific proposals from all departments and divisions. In the past, we have supported visiting scholars and subvention costs for peer-reviewed publications.

Note: Freistat awards generally are not given in combination with faculty research grants, faculty summer research stipends, new faculty research grants, presidential research grants and sabbatical leave grants.