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Call for Faculty Development Project Proposals for Post-Tenure Reviews 2018-20

The Faculty Welfare Committee is seeking FDP proposals for full professors who are scheduled for review in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

This program provides an opportunity for faculty to enhance their own learning and development by engaging in a formal project with specific goals and outcomes. At the same time, it offers the Faculty Welfare Committee an alternative way to evaluate, reflect, and offer merit points to senior faculty.

We ask you to follow the procedure below:

First, submit a preliminary FDP proposal to your department chair and divisional chair by March 15, 2017. At that time, please inform Michelle Heinrichs in the Office of Academic Affairs that you are interested in participating in this option.

Your final proposal and the chair's departmental letter should be sent to Michelle Heinrichs to be reviewed by the entire Faculty Welfare committee by April 12. You will be informed of FWC's decision by no later than Friday, May 5, 2017.

What a complete proposal entails:

A complete proposal should be between three and five pages in length (excluding bibliography and/or appendices, if warranted).

It should include the following:

• A personal reflection statement, two-three pages in length, assessing your current strengths and areas of growth in the primary areas of teaching, advising, scholarship and service

• Your current CV

• A project plan that includes the following elements:

o a rationale that describes how this project will impact professional development and foster new areas of growth;

o clearly articulated goals and objectives for the project. These objectives should be defined narrowly enough to provide the project with direction and limits, and concretely enough that they may be assessed at the end of the project;

o an action plan for engaging the goals and objectives for the project. The plan should delineate what the faculty member wants to do and how, what resources are necessary to carry out the plan, and the time frame for implementation during the project;

o an assessment plan for evaluating progress on the project goals. The nature of the assessment will depend on the project objectives and actions, but ideally should be grounded in some form of research literature or statement of best practices relevant to the disciplines involved (e.g., SoTL research, professional association statement, etc.), and/or some other form of tangible observation (e.g., evidence of student learning in the objective area, submission of a paper to a conference or publication, etc.).

o optional: identification of other persons involved in support for the project, if desired (e.g., a peer mentor, a project partner, a teaching observation group, etc.).

• A letter from your department chair.

Faculty Development Proposal: Here is more information about the pilot program, including timelines for the project, criteria for evaluation, forms the project might take, how it will be evaluated, and how merit points will assigned.